I’m always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.
- Pablo Picasso

Ian is a Leadership Coach based in Christchurch, specialising in providing coaching to individuals and organisations in Christchurch and elsewhere.

Ian works with leaders at all levels, both in a developmental capacity helping them to achieve their full leadership potential, and supporting them through some of the difficult challenges that all leaders face from to time. Ian brings a rare combination of wisdom that comes from a decade in senior leadership roles in the public and private sector, and the experience that comes from fifteen years and over 2,000 hours as an executive coach. Clients consistently describe his coaching style as wise, insightful, grounded and encouraging.

Do you want to understand how you might be your own worst enemy? Ian is a skilled practitioner of the Enneagram, which is a powerful tool for understanding both our strengths and the ways in which we unwittingly sabotage ourselves. Through insight, reflection and practical tools, Ian can help you to stop sabotaging your own leadership.

Ian has an MBA and a Master's degree in brief solution-focused counselling, which he uses in his coaching. He genuinely believes that the clients he works with have the creative solutions to their problems, and his role is to provide the right mix of support and challenge to allow those solutions to emerge. Ian regards self-awareness as an important component of coaching and he encourages the use of 360-degree or managerial feedback in the process of setting developmental goals.

He is a member of the NTL Institute, the Australasian Association for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, and the Association for Specialists in Group Work.

Over the last 20 years Ian has worked with many hundreds of leaders at all levels to help them achieve their goals. To contact Ian to discuss your coaching needs, e-mail him at ian@aretegroup.co.nz or call him on 021 352 301.